Playade sound


Studio is located in a very convenient spot at Brzezińska Street 25A in Łódź, in a modern building of a Produkt Design Company.
It is close to to a road leading to the A2 highway (app. 1,5h to the Warsaw’s downtown). Studio has its own private parking.


Studio is divided into three rooms:

  • control room with a comfortable sofa for the client
  • soundproof recording room for voice or solo instrument recordings
  • thechnical room with noisy equipement

Studio has its own ventilation system, so even a long session isn’t tiring.


audio editing systems:

  • Mac Pro, 2x4core 32gb ram
  • system: Pro Tools HD|Native 12.4 + AVID I/O 8x8x8
  • PC Windows 10, 6core, 64gb ram
  • System: Steinberg Cubase PRO 8.5, MOTU Ultralite


  • 5.1: JBL 4300 series
  • stereo: Focal cms65

controlers, mixers:

  • AVID Pro Tools|Dock
  • JLCooper Surround Panner
  • Edior PCR-500
  • Edirol M-10DX digital mixer

microphones, preamp:

  • 2 x Neumann U87
  • 1 x SE Electronics 2200a
  • 2 x Sennheiser 415T
  • 1 x Rode NTG1
  • DAV BG2 – 4 channels

video view:

  • 55″ UHD TV
  • Blackmagic Intensity Pro


  • Access Virus TI, Refx Serum, NI Massive, Sylenth1 and more


  • iZotope Ozone, Neutron, RX5, Nectar, Waves Diamond, 360 Bundle, Sonnox Inflator, Transmod, Altiverb 7XL and much more