Sound Postproduction

films, animations, commercials:

  • sound and dialogue editing
  • ADR recordings
  • foley recording, selection and editing
  • sound effects creation – sound design
  • ambience selection and recording


film, theater, tv, games:

  • music composing
  • music making and recording
  • providing licence with or without exclusive rights
  • mix and mastering


  • voiceover recordings
  • archive recordings restoration
  • on set sound recordings
  • other music and sound works

Sound Mix

stereo and 5.1:

  • for tv and cinema/dcp
  • upmix from stereo to 5.1
  • adjusting sound for tv emission
  • adjusting sound for dcp packages
  • preparing international steams


also from polish to english:

  • dialogue translation and editing
  • voice selection
  • dubbing direction
  • recording sessions
  • edit and mix
  • preparing the video’s proper language version


I charge 40 Euros (pre-tax) per hour of work, use of the studio included. Bigger projects are priced individually. In case of an interesting artistic projects price negociations are possible. I issue VAT invoices (+23%).