Piotr Kubiak

I was born in Łódź in 1981. I’m a composer, sound engineer, producer, violinist and a graduate from The Music Academy in Łódź. I’ve always been fascinated by music, sound, film and animation. Since my studies I composed different styles of music, from classic sound, illustration pieces to electro music.

In 2010 I finished two stages of the animation course in Łódź’s Se-Ma-For Studio, and there I created my first sound studio, Starsounds. In 2016 I moved to the current location and I became co-owner of the production house – Playade. That’s when I also changed the studio’s name to Playade Sound.

Over the years I participated in many interesting projects. I composed music to theatre’s productions, documentary and feature movies, animations or TV commercials. I postproduced and recorded sound to feature movies and TV series. I mixed and mastered music aired on the radio. Apart from sound issues I participated in film production as a producer, director and editor. I also did some animations.