Sound postproduction studio and music composition

Playade Sound

by Piotr Kubiak

I am a composer and a sound engineer. I’ve been creating and composing music in various genres to all audiovisual forms for many years. As a sound engineer I record and edit dialogues, pick, create and record foleys and ambients, mix music and mixing entire projects for TV and cinema purposes. I’m co-owner of the Playade Sp. z o.o (Ltd.)

Playade Sound it’s my sound studio based on AVID ProTools 12.4 HD|Native (MAC) – sound, and Steinberg Cubase PRO 8.5 (PC) – music. Thanks to well equiped studio and my skills I am able to manage almost every music or sound project with a reasonable cost. I also offer DCP mixing in 5.1. I kindly invite you to cooperation.

Sound Post

films, animations, commercials, sound and dialogue editing, ADR, foley and ambience recording, selection and editing

Sound Mix

stereo and 5.1, for tv, streaming and cinema, upmix, preparing sound for web and tv, preparing sound for dcp packages, international steams


composing for film, theater, tv, games, music recording and production, providing licence with or without exclusive rights, mix and mastering


dialogue translation and editing, voice selection, dubbing direction, recording sessions, edit and mix, voice over, video postproduction


voice over recordings, archive recordings restoration, on set sound recordings, stock music selection, other music and sound works

  • Located in Lodz, Poland, close to highway to Warsaw, private parking
  • Control room with a comfortable sofa for the client
  • Soundproof recording room for voice or solo instrument recordings
  • Thechnical room with noisy equipement
  • Pro Tools HD|Native 12.4 + AVID I/O 8x8x8 / Mac Pro, 2x4core 32gb ram
  • Monitors: 5.1: JBL 4300 and stereo: Focal cms65
  • Microphones: 2 x Neumann U87 powered by DAV BG2 – 4 ch and others
  • Video Monitor: 55″ UHD connected from Blackmagic Intensity Pro
  • Sythetisers: Access Virus TI, Refx Serum, NI Massive, Sylenth1 and others
  • Plugins: iZotope RX, Waves Diamond & 360, Altiverb 7XL, Halo and more


40 € + exc.VAT

  • per hour price
  • including studio & engineer
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